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Waist Trainers - Weight Loss Glam
Waist Trainers - Weight Loss Glam

Waist Trainers

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Please note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please be sure you measure prior to ordering!

Sizes left in PINK: XS and L

Sizes left in NUDE: XS

The sizing chart is as follows: 

Measurements are based on current size. 

This was Christine's go-to waist trainer during her weight loss and even today!

Our waist trainers provide light boning - enough to support your frame, but don't make you uncomfortable. 

Waist trainers are a great addition to a workout and can help you sweat in the abdomen area! They can also be worn underneath clothes to help shape you all day long. 

Christine's recommendation is to start by wearing the trainer for one hour and gradually increase by one-hour increments. It's not suggested to wear trainers for longer than 8 hours/day. 

Always use the largest set of hooks and gradually tighten the hooks as you become smaller. 

When putting on the trainers, start from the bottom and work your way up.


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